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Outstanding Storytelling and winning Negotiation tactics with unique
T.O.PTM (Technics of Persuasion) methods – based on
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News and Events

TV-News: i24
19 February 2020
CXP Consulting provided an expert contribution for i24 TV-News on how early-stage startups are being evaluated Link
Startup Storytelling at its best
10 February, 2020
The New-York based Branding agency, Flying Saucer Studio, published a feature article on CXP Consulting Branding and storytelling activities with Israeli startups. They called it "Startup Storytelling at its best" Link
EXLibris Global Talent Program-Jerusalem
November 20, 2019
A full-day interactive workshop on Storytelling and TOP with the Talents of ExLibris global team
365x Sarona Ventures
November 6, 2019
Sharing insights about Storytelling and Persuasion Technics (TOP) with selected startups of Sarona Ventures' Incubator, 365x
Thank you for an inspiring pitch. Alon Laor, a real Master!
Elkana Pressler, Entrepreneur
Management Team
delegation at Setoo’s
HQ in Tel-Aviv
September 23, 2019
The secret sauce of the Startup Nation and innovative TravelTech startups examples.
Thanks for the wonderful Insights
Guk Kim, Chief Growth officer, LMN
Orange Panel
at DLD Tel-Aviv
September 18, 2019
Panel discussion: “Content and Innovation” Gervais Pelissier, Deputy CEO-Orange, Maurice Levy, Chairman of the Board - Publicis, David Kessler, Director - Orange Studio, Yossi Vardi, Stephanie Rabourdin, French Embassyv
It was such a great pleasure to work with Tania. Her experience and knowledge of the innovation’s sectors made her a wonderful speaker to the Orange breakfast talk at DLD 2019.I really hope to continue to collaborate with her.
Stéphanie Rabourdin, French Embassy in Israel
Pipelbiz Crowd
Funding Bootcamp (2)
September 12, 2019
Sharing key Technics of Persuasion (TOP), using brainpower, to effectively convince and shift audience toward action and closure in business discussions.
It was excellent!
Carmit Oron, entrepreneur and initiator of this first edition of Pipelbiz Bootcamp
The Hive
Ashdod accelerator
August 12, 2019
Using brain power to generate new leads and efficiently closing deals
It was a privilege hosting you Alon at TheHive Ashdod. Entrepreneurs cannot stop discussing and reflecting on your lecture, as so have we at the managing team of the program. Thank you!
Izabella Filipov, Director, Hive Ashdod
The Hive Ashdod
August 26, 2019
Storytelling and go-to-market strategy for early-stage startups
Many thanks for sharing with us your vast experience and bringing amazing examples of how storytelling and personal branding matter. You gave a great lesson as well of how personal attitude can work the things out!
Evgeniya Mogilevskaya, entrepreneur
Insurtech Marketing-
The big Shift at
Sapiens HQ
July 30, 2019
How to effectively apply Insurtech marketing best practices and insights to other domains
Thank you Tania Amar for an inspiring lecture
Michal Gat, VP BizDev, Titan
WMN-Women Lead Ventures
July 29, 2019
Sales and Marketing Machine Blueprint workshop
Great event and real value Tania and Alon. Thank you.
Sheryl Puterman, Entrepreneur
KAN radio program
July 13, 2019
Discussing the Israeli innovation eco-system and VC landscape with Refael Bendamon, Sarona Ventures
Startup Bootcamp at Google for startups
July 8, 2019
TED-like power talk about storytelling and how to focus your pitch on customer value
Tania -- Wonderful presentation. A real power talk!!!
Jill-Marie Reinach, Tel-Aviv Municipality
Pipelbiz Crowd Funding Bootcamp (1)
June 29, 2019
How to create outstanding stories that will drive investors to embark with you
Thank you Tania! Your talk is an enlightening experience :)
Shay Ben-Barak, entrepreneur
Gvahim Entrepreneurship Center
April 9, 2019
Best strategies and tactics for branding, messaging and pitching investors
What a pleasure and an honor to host Tania AMAR at Gvahim’s startup accelerator. Not only is Tania a top speaker, marketing and business development consultant, she is also a Gvahim BOD Member, and the Founder & CEO of CXP Consulting. The entrepreneurs were inspired by her talk on “Early-Stage Startup Branding,” which she followed up with one-on-one sessions.
Revital Rauchwerger, Director GEC
Cercle Lab Afterwork-Paris
March 21, 2019
Unique contribution of Israeli insurtech startups to the Insurance industry in the world
A great event ! Well done Tania Riahi Amar !
Pierre-Olivier Desaulle, Chief Insurance, Setoo
Article published on Linkedin
Dec 22, 2018
"Marketing is the most critical element to making a successful technology company, particularly as competition in the sector is so intense" says Steve Wozniak Link
Great article!
Giovanni Crispino, Area Vice President, Salesforce
Delegation of the ECTAA (European Travel Agents and Tour Operators Associations)
Dec 12, 2018
Digital transformation trends of the multi-billion Travel industry
Mega Success-Orlando
Nov, 2018
On-stage interview of Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple
Groupama BOD Delegation in Tel-Aviv
Nov, 2018
Introduction to the Insurtech Israeli eco-system
Argus Factory-Paris
Sep 4, 2018
Overview of the Israeli Startup nation and its relevance for the French insurance market
Thank you Tania for making this happen.
Noam Shapira, co-founder and CEO, Setoo
Spring Day event-Paris
March 21, 2018
Insurance Digital transformation and introducing 5 Israeli startups Link
L’argus de l’assurance -Article
March 22, 2018
Quand les assureurs français rencontrent les Insurtechs israéliennes (French) Link
Israel Embassy in Paris-Blog
March 24, 2018
L’InsurTech israélienne : industrie florissante & un fort potentiel de coopération Franco-Israélienne Link
ReThink B2B Tech Marketing conference
March 15, 2018
By someone who was there I can tell you that you were interesting, insightful and funny. All the makings of a great speaker!!!
Mali Cohen-Denziger, CMO
June 1, 2017
Career tips by Tania Amar (Hebrew) Link
Gvahim "Watercooler Talks" at WixHub -Tel-Aviv.
June 10, 2017
Stage Interview of Ilana Golan around : “I have a great startup, then what?!”
Fantastic event. Thanks for organizing!
Ilana Golan, serial entrepreneur and investor from the Silicon Valley and woman of Influence in 2017 by Business Insider